Structure-Activity Conference, Bath, 1982
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Bath (U.K.), September 6-9, 1982

Proceedings "Quantitative Approaches to Drug Design" (John C. Dearden, ed.), Pharmacochemistry Library Vol. 6, Elsevier, Amsterdam, Oxford, New York, 1983.

Organising and scientific committee: J.C. Dearden (secretary general), N.H. Anderson, S.S. Davis, F.E. Norrington. C.A. Ramsden, P.J. Taylor, M.S. Tute

bullet Parameters and modelling in QSAR
bullet Enzymes and receptors
bullet Molecular graphics and conformational studies
bullet Pharmacokinetics and rate effects in relation to QSAR
bullet Series design for QSAR
bullet QSAR in practice

Audience: 155 participants from 18 countries

From the preface of the Proceedings: " The classical regression analysis (Hansch analysis) approach is still widely used. We are also seeing investigations into the nature of various parameters, and the devising of new parameters and approaches. Emphasis is being placed on more powerful statistical methods, and on theoretical chemical approaches to drug design. The link between QSAR and pharmacokinetics is one that must grow in importance, and the exciting developments in molecular graphics are opening up new vistas in the field of drug-receptor interactions"

It is interesting to reflect that the above comments are still pertinent and valid, 18 years later. That is not to say, of course, that we have not made progress. In fact, the progress made over the last two decades has been remarkable, but we still have a long way to go. We shall never be able to make 100% accurate predictions concerning drug potency or the toxicity of environmental pollutants, but our current success rates show that there is still much that can realistically be achieved through QSAR and other modelling approaches.

List of contributors:

Alluni S. (Italy)
Amici M. (Italy)
Anderson N.H. (UK)
Andrews P.R.  (Australia)
Aureggi G. (Italy)
Austel V. (FRG)
Barino L. (Italy)
Basak S.C. (USA)
Bawden D. (UK)
Bianchetti A. (Italy)
Boveri S. (Italy)
Bradshaw J.  (UK)
Branch S.K. (UK)
Bultsma T. (Netherl.)
Carminati P. (Italy)
Charton B.I. (USA)
Charton M. (USA)
Clementi S. (Italy)
Coates E.A. (FRG)
Collett J.H. (UK)
Cordes H.P.(FRG)
Cramer R.D.USA)
Crippen G.M. (USA)
Darvas F. (Hungary)
Dean P.M. (UK)
Dearden J.C. (UK)
Dickinson N.A. (UK)
Dive G. (Belgium)
Dominy B.W. (USA)
Dove S. (GDR)
Dunn W.J. (USA)
Edlund U. (Sweden)
Exman I. (USA)
Ferri V. (Italy)
Ford M.G. (UK)
Franke R. (GDR)
Ganellin C.R. (UK)
Gasteiger J. (FRG)
Ghose A.K. (USA)
Ghosh J.J. (India)
Gill E.W. (UK)
Goodall B.M. (UK)
Goodwin B.F.J. (UK
Graham M.J. (UK)
Grana E. (Italy)
Greenwood R. (UK)
de Haan F.H.N. (Netherl.)
Hall S. (UK)
Hancock P.J.B. (UK)
Hellberg S. (Sweden)
Heritage K.J. (UK)
Hermens J. (Netherlands)
Herrmann E.C. (FRG)
Hutchings M.G. (FRG)
Jansen A.C.A. (Netherl.)
Jenner P. (UK)
Johnels D. (Sweden)
Johnson A.W. (UK)
Jones K. (UK)
de Kaste D. (Netherl.)
King L.A. (UK)
Klepel M. (GDR)
Krause G. (GDR)
Kuchar M. (CZ)
Kühne R. (GDR)
Kulkarni V.M. (FRG)
Lapicre C.L. (Belgium)
Lavezzo A. (Italy)
Lipnick R.L. (USA)
Manzoni L. (Italy)
Marsden C.D. (UK)
Marshall G.R. (USA)
Martin M. (Spain)
Mayer J.M. (UK)
McFarland J.W. (USA)
de Micheli C. (Italy)
Fat A.C. (UK)
Moreno V. (Spain)
Nicholson R.M. (UK)
Nisato D. (Italy)
Osman R. (USA)
Page M.I. (UK)
Perez J. (Spain)
Pierri L. (Australia)
Pitman I.H. (Australia)
Pliška V. (Switzerland))
Pratesi P.(Italy)
Rae I.D. (Australia)
de Ranter C.J. (Belgium)
Ray S.K. (India)
Raychaudhury C. (India)
Rekker R.F. (Netherl.)
Retsema J.A. (USA)
Richter M. (FRG)
Roantree M.L. (UK)
Roberts D.W. (UK)
Roberts G.C.K. (UK)
Rowland M. (UK)
Roy A.B. (India)
Salt D.W. (UK)
Sanz F. (Spain)
Schaper K.-J. (FRG)
Seydel J.K. (FRG)
Silipo C. (Italy)
Sjöström M. (Sweden)
Smith D. (USA)
Soudijn W. (Netherl.)
Stead A.H. (UK)
Szydlo R.M. (UK)
Testa B. (Switzerland)
Young R.C. (UK)
Tichý M. (CZ)
Topiol S. (USA)
Tosi C. (Italy)
Townend M.S (UK
Trcka V. (CZ)
Turmo J. (Spain)
Unger S.H. (USA)
Valkó K. (Hungary)
Venanzi C.A. (USA)
Verplanken H.A. (Belgium)
Villa L. (Italy)
Vittoria A. (Italy)
Wardman P. (UK)
van de Waterbeemd H. (Switzerland)
Weinstein H. (USA)
Wiese M. (FRG)
Winkler D.A. (Australia)
de Winter M.L. (Netherl.)
Wise M. (USA)
Wold S. (Sweden)
Wynne H.J. (Netherl.)
Young R.C. (UK)

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