12th European Symposium, Copenhagen, 1998
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In the last week of August, the 12th European Symposium on QSAR took place in Wonderful Copenhagen and was attended by 340 participants from 34 countries.

The Opening session included a talk by James P. Snyder with the interesting title Strategies for Molecular Design Beyond the Millennium.

The program was divided into 7 major sessions.

New Developments and Applications of Multivariate QSAR was dedicated to Corwin Hansch on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Svante Wold presented a plenary lecture entitled Multivariate Design and Modelling in QSAR, Combinatorial Chemistry, and Bioinformatics.

In the session The Future of 3D-QSAR, Gabriele Cruciani presented his lecture Handling Information from 3D Grid Maps for QSAR Studies.

Prediction of Ligand-Protein Binding was covered by Peter J. Goodford (Conformationally Flexible Molecules) and Gerhard Klebe (Structural and Energetic Aspects of Protein-Ligand Binding in Drug Design).

Computational Aspects of Molecular Diversity and Combinatorial Libraries aimed at covering the new challenges faced by QSAR and Modelling scientists. Plenary lectures were Analysis of Large, High-Throughput Screening Data Using Recursive Partitioning by Stan S. Young and 3D Structure Descriptors for Biological Activity by Johann Gasteiger.

Thue W. Schwartz presented the lecture Surprisingly elusive binding sites for non-peptide ligands in 7TM receptors in the session Affinity and Efficacy Models of G-Protein Coupled Receptors, and Terry R. Stouch gave his lecture Understanding Membrane Permeation through Simulation in the session Modelling of Membrane Penetration.

A total of 27 oral reports were also given during the symposium and more than 150 posters remained on show for the whole week.

A number of social events were included in the program. The participants were honoured by a very memorable reception at the Copenhagen City Hall. We had an excursion In the footsteps of the Vikings and enjoyed the atmosphere in the Tivoli Gardens during and after the gala dinner.

The organisers and the Plenum publisher expect to bring out the Proceedings in March 1999.

Organising a symposium like this is becoming increasingly more time demanding. It was therefore suggested in the group of former and present chairs during this meeting to appoint the next two chairs, i.e. chairs for the meeting in the years 2000 and 2002. These will be Professor Hans-Dieter Höltje (Düsseldorf, Germany) and Professor Martyn Ford (Portsmouth, England), respectively. Congratulations. We are looking forward to these important events.

 Klaus Gundertofte, Symposium Chairman, October 1998
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