13th European Symposium, Duesseldorf, 2000
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350 scientists from academia and pharmaceutical industry gathered in Duesseldorf from August 27 through September 1, 2000 for the 13th European QSAR Symposium.

The conference under the subtitle “Rational Approaches to Drug Design” took place at the Heinrich-Heine Universität. The program was opened on Sunday evening by an inaugural lecture given by Prof.Camille Wermuth (Strasbourg). His talk entitled “The Impact of QSAR and CAMD Methods on Drug Design” was based on his own experiences from thirty years of scientific work in medicinal chemistry and focussed on the synergistic effects of theoretical and experimental methods in the search for new and active drug molecules. The conference programme was divided into eight sessions which each was opened by an invited lecture delivered by an internationally well renowned expert in the particular field:

bullet Protein Modelling, Rebecca Wade, EMBL Heidelberg
bullet Knowledge-based Methods in Bioinformatics, Manfred Sippl, Universität Salzburg
bullet QM/MM Embedding Methods, Tim Clark, Universität Erlangen
bullet Superposition and Alignment Strategies, Christian Lemmen, Dupont Pharmaceutical Research Labs, San Diego
bullet New Developments and Applications in Chemometrics, Gabriele Cruciani, Universita di Perugia
bullet Synthesis Planning and Combinatorial Libraries, Andrew Leach, Glaxo Wellcome Research and Development, Stevenage
bullet High-Throughput Structure-Based Design, Hans-Joachim Böhm, Hoffmann-LaRoche Basel
bullet Data Mining, Johann Gasteiger, Universität Erlangen

In addition 30 selected short oral communications were given, scanning a large part of the actual problems encountered in theoretical drug design. 140 posters presented in two poster sessions completed the program. The discussion after the lectures, in the coffee breaks or in front of the posters set a lively frame for an extremely interesting and scientifically dense meeting. In the exhibition organised with the symposium eight software and hardware vendors were giving an overview on their newest products.

The social program featured an organ concert, an Italian style open air reception and an excursion to the remnants of the heavy industry of the famous Ruhr district. The conference dinner which as always was the highlight of the non-scientific part of the program took place with a view on the river Rhine and did benefit as all other events from the pleasant weather situation.

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