Structure-Activity Conference, Prague, 1973
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Praha (Czechoslovakia), June 27-29, 1973

Proceedings "Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships" (M. Tichý, ed.), Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel und Stuttgart (as Experientia Suppl. No. 23) 1976 

Organising committee: A.David, M. Tichý (secretary general), K. Bocek, J. Kopecký, R. Zahradník

Sections (chairs):
bullet Mathematical empirical models of Free-Wilson type, four-parameter equation and related topics, Hansch approach (J.K. Seydel, Z. Roth)
bullet Statistical approaches of fitting models (R. Franke, V. Trcka)
bullet Correlations between various physico-chemical properties and biological activities (W.P.Purcell, J. Kopecký)
bullet Correlations between electronic indices from molecular orbital calculations and biological activities (R. Zahradník, L. Vrbovský)
bullet Discussion of the most significant characteristics used in the correlations in terms of a theoretical approach (L.B. Kier, M. Kuchar)
From introduction of the Lemont B. Kier lecture:
"In this beautiful city of Prague, there is a street Zlatá ulicka where once lived men who sought to change base substances into gold. Their belief in a successful transformation was based upon their contemporary understanding of the properties of substances familiar to them. We must judge their success not on the amount of gold they produced, but on the contributions to science made by their efforts. Today also, scientists seek to change innocuous matter into the gold of effective, safe drugs. Their rationale is also based upon their understanding of the properties of molecules, both chemical and biological. In addition to new drugs, there is a large contribution from these efforts to understanding structure-activity relationships. These scientists are also members of the Zlatá ulicka society." 

Scientific committee formed ad hoc during the symposium: W.P.Purcell (speaker), V.A. Filov, R. Franke, L.B. Kier, P.A. Kollman, J.K. Seydel.

In the concluding remarks, the committee drew attention to the following points:

bullet QSAR should be considered as one of the tools providing a better understanding of processes taking place in living organisms, which may in the long run result in the ability to predict biological activities of compounds
bullet one must be aware not only of limitations of this approach but also of the limitations of the statistical analysis used and should not therefore attach exaggerated importance to the results obtained
bullet because of their complementary nature, both molecular orbital calculations and physico-chemical experiments should be employed
bullet such meetings as this one organised in Praha should have a continuation. The committee recommended to start a series of QSAR symposia


Allievi G (Italy) Duax W.L. (USA) Kuchar M. (CZ) Roubal Z. (CZ)
Augustin J. (CZ) Fernandez-Alonso J.I. (Spain) Kulkarni V.M. (India) Sabin J.R. (USA)
Ažman A. (Yugoslavia) Filov V.A. (USSR) Lancini G. (Italy) Šafanda J. (CZ)
Berkoff C.E. (USA) Franke R. (GDR) Lukovits I. (Hungary) Schaper K.J. FRG)
Biszó G. (Hungary) Gallo G.G. (Italy)  Murray W.J. (USA) Seydel J.K. (FRG)
Bláha K. sr. (CZ) Giannini D.G. (USA) Náray-Szabó G. (Hungary) Slanina Z. (CZ)
Bocek K. (CZ) Goodford P.J. (England) Nemec P. (CZ) Sobotka P. (CZ)
Brunová B. (CZ)  Grimme L.H. (FRG) Nemecek O. (CZ) Sova J. (CZ)
Catalán J. (Spain) Hansch C. (USA) Norrington F.E. (England) Tichý M. (CZ)
Celadník M. (CZ) Havlík I. (CZ) Nuss M.E. (USA) Tipnis H.P. (India)
Collett J.H. (England) Harris R.L.N. (Australia) Palát K. (CZ) Tomlinson E. (England)
Cramer R.D. (USA) Hobza P. (CZ) Pataki I. (Hungary) Trcka V. (CZ)
Dearden J.C. (England) Janku I. (CZ) Pelizza G. (Italy) Trinajstic N. (Yugoslavia)
Devia A. (Spain)  Joyner J.C. (USA) Ponce C.A. (Argentine) Vrbovský L. (CZ)
Dittmar W. (FRG)  Kakác B. (CZ) Purcell W.P. (USA) Waisser K. (CZ)
Dittrich F. (GDR) Kier L.B. (USA) Rábek V. (CZ) Weichet J. (CZ)
Draber W. (FRG) Koller J. (Yugoslavia) Redl G. (USA) Wolff M.E. (USA)
Drobnica L. (CZ)  Kollman P.A. (USA) Rejholec V. (CZ) Wold S. (Sweden)
Druckrey E. (FRG) Krivucová M. (CZ) Repke K.R.H. (GDR) Zahradník R. (CZ)
      Zeelen F.J. (The Netherlands)
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