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A product-based biopharmaceutical company located in San Diego, CA is seeking a Computational Chemist. The key skill set for this role is very specific and strong ADME experience; an ADME modeling expert

This person will be responsible for the analysis, modeling and prediction of pharmacokinetic and physico-chemical data relevant to our drug discovery programs. They will actively participate in the general computational chemistry activities in the group such as understanding structure-activity relationships, and performing structure- or ligand-based drug design. They will also be responsible for modeling of ADME properties as well as more traditional QSAR modeling, since they incorporate PK profiling at an early stage in the discovery process.

It is requires that this person have a PhD and a minimum of three years experience in the application of computational chemistry for solving drug discovery problems. It is requires that this person and good communication skills and experience in medicinal chemistry or statistical modeling is a plus.

The company does offer relocation assistance to San Diego.

For further information about this search and other R&D related searches please contact:
Denise Milano Sprung
V.P. Search Services
Joseph Associates Inc.
631-351-5805 ext. 5

*** V.P. Search Services understand that this is a very small community, all paperwork and correspondences will be kept strictly confidential. CV's are only sent to clients with when candidates approves the submission.******

Last updated: May 14, 2004

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