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Director Library Design / Compound Management - Boston, MA, USA

Our client whose founders' come from both well known Pharmaceutical companies and some of the world most prestigious universities are developing and integrating unique approaches and capabilities in synthetic chemistry, chemical genetics, informatics, and biological screening. They are seeking a Director of Library Design / Compound Management. They currently have $70 million dollars in funding and they feel this position is critical for their success. This position is located in the Boston area. The Director of Library Design will be the driving force behind leveraging cutting edge technology for providing library design to increase the effectiveness and productivity to drug discovery. He or she will provide strong, hands-on leadership, developing strategic direction, setting specific measurable milestones and monitoring progress against these goals. The responsibilities of this position will include but are not limited to the overall management of the Library Design Process, and determining the selection criteria for library projects (physical, chemical properties and diversity). This person will also lead the process that selects the most useful compounds from commercial sources and will be responsible for advising and coordinating the activities of both Chemistry and Knowledge Management teams, thereby enabling the design of the most pharmaceutical relevant compound collection. They will also manage the procurement of commercial compounds. This positions reports to the VP of Chemical Technologies, and will work closely with the lead scientists in chemistry, biology, medicinal chemistry, as well as the CIO, interacting frequently with members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

This position requires at least 5 - 10 plus years of Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Modeling, etc required as well as strong technical leader with organizational and communication skills. You must also have the ability to manage projects/personnel while providing timely communication to relevant parties and a good track record of developing and implementing novel ideas and

I am with an Executive Search firm that specializes in the Pharmaceutical industry; our specialties include areas such as Drug Discovery: PhD level R&D Scientist and Management, SAS Programming, Clinical Research, Informatics and Statistics. Please feel free to browse our website at

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