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Cyprotex Limited is an independent company, totally focused on the scientific development & validation of QSAR, dynamic simulation, AI and other methods for the prediction of ADME, pharmacokinetics and toxicology. We don't get distracted by doing anything else and we want to be the best in molecular design approaches for ADME/Tox.

Given that we are now signing a bunch of research collaboration contracts and that we have secured the finance for a major expansion up to 80 people, we are looking to hire people available now and during the next 12 months.

Right now we need good QSAR people/computational chemists/modellers, dynamic simulation modellers, AI specialists, information scientists, software engineers and more. We need some people right now, but will also continue to hire throughout the next 12 months and beyond. Our main site will be in Macclesfield, near Manchester, UK where we most people will be located, but we are open to different arrangements with the right people, particularly in the US where we will establish a new site, but have not yet decided where.

If you want to take part in the 'grand challenge' of building the world's best methods for the prediction of ADME/Tox, in collaboration with the majority of the world's leading Pharmaceutical companies, then we'll provide you the data and support you need to do just that.

Send me a cv and/or query if you're interested at and we can arrange to talk.

David Leahy

Last updated: July 6, 2001

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