Field Application Support Engineer


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Field Application Support Engineer

Informatics Software Co. looks for a suitable person that must be based on East Coast.

This individual will work closely with customers to manage and extend our software at the customer's site. They will work with customers to specify custom requirements that meet customer's specialized needs, integrate the system within the customer's informatics environment, and perform other tasks as needed to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. Strong communication skills, project management, and enthusiasm for solving customer's problems is a must. Development experience and an understanding of object-oriented programming in either Java or C++ is desirable. A science background and familiarity working with relational databases or chemical information systems is a plus. Must have pre-sales as well as programming experience. Chemistry background will be given preference.

Mark Pileski
TechFind, Inc.
(508) 647-0111

Last updated: February 05, 2002

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