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Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowships, Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Dear QSARMS member,

We are seeking Ph.D. students/postdoctoral associates that would like to spend from three months to one academic year in our laboratory, Laboratory of Chemometrics at National institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia, working on chemometrical treatment of toxic compounds - endocrine disrupters. Fellows already experienced with endocrine disruption research are especially welcome. 

The research team of the Laboratory of Chemometrics (Prof. Jure Zupan, Dr. Marjan Vracko, and Dr. Marjana Novic) has been working in the field of chemometrics for over 20 years. The subject "Chemometrical Treatment of Toxic Compounds - Endocrine Disrupters" was approved by the EU community as a Host Training Site - Marie Curie Fellowship for 36 men/months (Contract number HPMT-CT-2001-00240). The fellowship is available for fellows working on their PhD thesis in a field similar or connected to the described theme. The fellowship would be 1200 euro/month for the period of three months to one academic year plus 100 euro for travel expenses. If someone is interested, please contact Dr. Marjana Novic (marjana.novic@ki.si). More information about the proposed doctoral training can be found at http://www.ki.si/l03/fellowship.htm. The eligibility of fellows is specified at http://www.cordis.lu/improving/fellowships/home.htm#.

I would be grateful for any suggestion or spread of this information. 

Best regards,


Dr. Marjana Novic
Laboratory of Chemometrics
National Institute of Chemistry
SI-1000 LJUBLJANA, Hajdrihova 19

Last updated: February 18, 2002

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