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Group Leader/Research Fellow Computational Chemistry

Neurogen Corporation in Branford, CT USA is seeking a talented individual for its Computational Chemistry effort. 

About Neurogen Corporation
Neurogen Corporation targets new small molecule drugs to improve the lives of patients suffering from disorders with significant unmet medical need, including inflammation, pain, insomnia, depression, and obesity. Neurogen has generated a portfolio of compelling new drug candidates through its Accelerated Intelligent Drug Discovery (AIDD(tm)) system, its expertise in cellular functional assays, and its depth in medicinal chemistry. Neurogen conducts its research and development independently and, when advantageous, collaborates with world-class pharmaceutical companies to obtain additional resources and to access complementary expertise.

Position Description
Responsible for providing day to day leadership to the CADD group and setting the strategic direction for the computational chemistry effort.

Participate in lead-optimization projects through ligand-based modeling, pharmacophore searches, de novo compound design, SAR analysis, and lead-identification projects through cheminformatic analyses of hit sets, conformational and SAR analysis, and cheminformatic-guided library design; 

Provide support to pre-screening projects through cheminformatic-based selection of compound screening sets and actively participate in interdisciplinary target validation, lead identification and lead optimization project teams. 

Ability to direct development of additional cheminformatics/data mining tools to further the goals of drug discovery within the highly informatics integrated Accelerated Intelligent Drug Discovery (AIDD) environment currently in place. 

Job Requirements
The ideal candidate must have a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry, Organic Chemistry or a related discipline with 5+ years experience in drug discovery in pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies which include at least 3 years working on small-molecule pharmaceutical projects. Candidate should have strong practical experience in a drug-discovery environment with a variety of CADD methodologies, e.g., ligand-based compound design, prediction of compound ADME properties, QSAR and QSPR development, pharmacophore modeling, virtual screening, and molecular library design with a strong applications focus on computer-aided drug design (CADD) and demonstrated knowledge of chemical informatics (cheminformatics). Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills along with the ability to work in multidisciplinary team environment are required. Experience doing software development directed toward advancing drug discovery goals is strongly preferred, with some programming experience a requirement. Must have demonstrated leadership potential; management experience is a strong plus.

Last updated: March 30, 2004

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