Senior Drug Discovery Applications Scientist


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A scientist for a Drug Discovery Applications Group is sought. The successful candidate will become part of a multidisciplinary drug discovery team working on both in-house efforts to improve and apply drug discovery methodologies and on collaborative projects with pharmaceutical/biotechnology partners. The company with offices in Oregon, California and New York is recognized as a high-growth leader in the development and delivery of computational methods for drug discovery and development. 

Job Description:

bullet actively participate in Drug Discovery Applications Group projects
bullet apply drug discovery software and perform analysis of the results
bullet effectively communicate results to other members of the Group
bullet work closely with the Development Team to test and improve Drug Discovery

Essential Qualifications and Experience:

bullet Ph.D. in computational chemistry, organic chemistry, or biochemistry
bullet computational experience in at least 1 of the following areas: molecular
modeling, structure-based drug design, virtual ligand screening,
computationally-driven lead optimization, ligand-based design, or homology
bullet excellent verbal and written communication skills
bullet ability to work independently

Desirable Skills:

bullet programming skills: Perl script writing, in particular
bullet experience with chemical databases

This company offers excellent compensation and generous benefits that include: Medical, Dental, 401K, Flexible Spending Account, 3+ weeks vacation and tuition reimbursement.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please forward to your resume in word or text format and a salary requirement.
It is important to use the position title as the subject of your email to enable your resume to reach me as quickly as possible.

If you aren't interested or feel you are not qualified, do you know anyone who would be interested? We do offer generous referral fees.

Last updated: August 10, 2003

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