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Post-doc position in QSAR and Molecular Modelling

You will be joining an interdisciplinary team of QSAR and modelling scientists who support the process of identification and optimization of new therapeutic drugs at University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Location: Department of Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Date: position available, funding possible but has to be applied for.
You will carry out a wide range of activities including:

bullet programming, evaluation and automation of tools used in molecular modelling
bullet testing of programs and methods in structure based drug design
bullet virtual screening
bullet application of these techniques in drug design

Your professional background should include:

bullet Ph.D. in chemistry, pharmaceutical science or bioinformatics
bullet In-depth knowledge of molecular modelling tools (including commercial software)
bullet Extensive computer experience and knowledge in the analysis of large molecular datasets
bullet Professional skills in automation of tools and software for "3D-in silico screening"
bullet Excellent communication skills

Programming experience in a UNIX environment would be beneficial.

IMPORTANT: Please do not reply to the list, send answers only to the address given below.

If you are motivated and interested to join our team, send your complete application to:

Prof. Dra. Antonia Tavares do Amaral
Head of QSAR/QSAR-3D and Modelling Laboratory
FAX.:(+55) (11) (3815-5579)

Instituto de Química Universidade de São Paulo
Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 748
05508-900 São Paulo, Brasil
TEL: (XX55)(11)(30913846)

Last updated: January 10, 2003

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