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Molecular modeler / CADD Expert M/F
at Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Weesp, The Netherlands

Within the Discovery Sector at Weesp the Computer Assisted Drug Discovery group of the Chemical Design & Synthesis Unit plays a major role in the design and discovery of new chemical structures with high potential as innovative drugs.


We are looking for an enthusiastic academic expert m/f in a relevant scientific discipline (e.g. PhD in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry or pharmacy). The ideal candidate has a broad experience in all aspects of Computer Assisted Drug Discovery (CADD) including theoretical and practical experience with molecular modelling techniques like ligand based and structure based design, making compound selection from chemical and pharmacological databases. Experience in the area of the design of  "Combinatorial Chemistry" libraries and the support of High Throughput Screening is an advantage. A fair level of knowledge of organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry is desirable. 

In our company the CADD expert works together in (international) multidisciplinary project teams. For this multidisciplinary work we are looking for innovative persons with team spirit, strong communication skills and with a drive to reach results. 

We offer 

We offer a temporary position for a period of 2 years for responsible work in a challenging and constantly changing research environment with the opportunity to be trained further. 

Information and application

For more information about this position you are welcome to contact one of our CADD experts, Dr. M.L. Pras-Raves, e-mail . If our offer appeals to you and you want to apply, you can send your letter with your CV before June 1st, 2005 to Mrs. G.J. Negen-Veling, P&O, Postbus 900, 1380 DA Weesp; e-mail:

Last updated: April 6, 2005

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