Corwin Hansch Award


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The award, established in 2000, is named after the late honorary chair of the Society and the pioneer of the interdisciplinary science of QSAR, Dr. Corwin Hansch.
The winner is selected from a poll of nominees, which need to have the following qualifications. A person under the age of 40 years, who is active in the field of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships, and  who has contributed significantly to the field. QSAR is defined broadly, in the same sense that we include papers and posters at the European Symposium on QSAR and the Gordon Research on QSAR. Hence, those who deal with cheminformatics, drug design, physical properties, topological indices, molecular models, docking, protein folding, 3D-QSAR, combinatorial library design, similarity analyses, multivariate statistical analyses, and related topics are eligible. In short, any quantitative connection between biological or physical properties and chemical structure that requires computational techniques is appropriate.
The Awards are presented at the European QSAR Symposia and the Gordon Research Conferences on Computer-Aided Drug Design.

Last Updated: June 16, 2012

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