2nd Hansch Award to Cruciani


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The 2001 Corwin Hansch Award of the QSAR and Modelling Society has been presented to Prof. Gabriele Cruciani, of the Dipartimento di Chimica, UniversitÓ di Perugia, Italy. This award recognizes the work of a young investigator in QSAR and modelling with the expectation that they will continue to advance the field for many years to come. Prof. Cruciani was chosen from a field of very able researchers.

Prof. Cruciani has published extensively in three broad areas: chemometrics as a tool to improve the predictivity of QSAR models, applications of QSAR, and novel molecular descriptors. He showed the utility of D-optimal design for variable selection in 3D QSAR and produced GOLPE, a program that provides this utility to scientists. He also proposed Smart Region Definition for CoMFA, and GRID/PCA to design selective inhibitors. His work has been applied, for example, to inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase, quinolone antibacterials, antileishmanial chalcones, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and a variety of ADME properties. Novel QSAR descriptors proposed by Dr. Cruciani include GRIND, VolSurf, and ALMOND approaches. All of this work is characterized by careful thinking and enthusiasm for the field.
(a list of Prof. Cruciani publications on PubMed)

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