1st Hansch Award to Gao


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The committee chose Hua Gao to be the first recipient of the Corwin Hansch Award. The following summarizes the nomination. Hua Gao is a truly outstanding scientist. His potential was clearly recognized early on when he was awarded a scholarship from the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation in Germany so that he could come to the US for graduate work. Here, he obtained his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Southern California working with Professor E.J. Lien. From 1995-1998 he was a post-doc in Hansch's group. During that time he wrote, or was co-author on nine papers, three of which were published in Chemical Reviews. These papers were a sideline from his major job of helping build a large computerized database of QSAR. He added 1,442 biological QSAR to the system. In the vast majority of these reports, the authors had made no attempt to formulate any kind of QSAR. During this period he also uncovered 2,745 QSAR on the subject of physical organic chemistry and entered these into our system too, sometimes improving what the authors had done.
Dr. Gao's review on radical reactions was the first serious attempt by anyone to cover physical chemical and biochemical examples of radical reactions. This review and his review of the QSAR of estrogens provided the foundation needed to develop a truly remarkable QSAR model for the estrogenic and carcinogenic activity of phenols. This covers simple phenols as well as Bisphenol A, diethylstilbestrol and the female hormones estradiol, estriol, equilin and equilenin. In preparation is a co-authored review on biological QSARs that lack hydrophobic terms and contain an electronic term that can be related to an electronic term in a QSAR from physical organic chemistry.
 Dr. Gao left Pomona to work for MDS Panlabs, then joined Pharmacia and Upjohn in 1999. At these two companies he has done novel work in binary QSAR, BCUTdescriptors, library design, and 3D database searching.
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