10th Hansch Award to Holger Gohlke


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Holger Gohlke of the Heinrich-Heine University in Duesseldorf, Germany is the recipient of the 10th Corwin Hansch award. The award, established in 2000, is named after the honorary chair of the Society and the pioneer of the interdisciplinary science of quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR), Dr. Corwin Hansch, Professor Emeritus at the Pomona College, Claremont, CA. The award recognizes a researcher under the age of 40, who has made significant contributions to the field of QSAR in a broad sense, and holds a promise to continue his or her development.

Selection of Dr. Gohlke for this prestitious award was based on his creative work in computational drug design, especially in the development of the scoring functions DrugScore and DrugScore_RNA, the unique AFMoC approach and its consensus adaptation for flexible docking, bridging the structure-based and ligand-based prediction of binding affinities, as well as for innovative studies of protein and RNA rigidity.

The most important details from Dr. Gohlke's CV:
1997 Dipl.-Ing. (equivalent to M.S.) in Chemistry, Technical University, Darmstadt
2000 Ph.D., Philipps University, Marburg, Advisor Dr. G. Klebe
Postdoctoral Experience
2000-2001 Philipps University, Marburg, in the group of Dr. G. Klebe
2001-2003 The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, in the group of Dr. D.A. Case
2003 - 2008 Juniorprofessor of Molecular Bioinformatics, Goethe University, Frankfurt
2008 - 2009 Professor of Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry, Christian Albrechts University, Kiel
2009 - Professor of Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry, Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf
1999 Research scholarship from ESCOM Science Foundation
2001 Feodor Lynen scholarhip from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
2005 "Innovationspreis" in Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry from German Chemical Society and German Pharmaceutical Societ
(a list of Dr. Gohlke's publications on PubMed)

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