3rd Hansch Award to Oprea


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Prof. Tudor I. Oprea (Office of Biocomputing, School of Medicine, University of New Mexico) has been recognized with the 3rd Hansch Award of the QSAR and Modelling Society. This award is given to recognize young scientists that have contributed to advancing QSAR and that the committee believes will continue to so contribute. Tudor certainly matches the qualifications. 
Tudor is an energetic practitioner of QSAR and its ancillary subjects. He has made valuable and creative contributions to a number of areas of interest to Society members: MTD & MTD/PLS; 3D QSAR, both applications and improvements to the methodology; Validate, a new scoring function for structure-based design; chemographyŚnavigating in chemical space including consideration of ADME properties; and applications to combinatorial chemistry including investigations of the differences between lead-like and drug-like molecules.
(a list of Prof. Oprea publications on PubMed)

Last Updated: December 3, 2002

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