pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacology faculty Burlington, VT 02-05-2009
PhDs (2) in Environmental Cheminformatics Muenchen, Germany 11-21-2008
computational chemist - protein modeller, Biovitrum Stockholm, Sweden 09-11-2008
molecular modeler - computational scientist New Orleans, LA, USA 08-26-2008
student in cheminformatics Geneva, Switzerland 10-05-2007
postdoc in molecular modeling Paris, France 08-09-2007
postdoc in cheminformatics Caparica, Portugal 06-02-2007
postdocs in cancer research Louisville, KY, USA 05-09-2007
postdoc in cheminformatics Munich, Germany 05-03-2007
computational chemist (PhD) Geneva, Switzerland 03-28-2007
senior scientist, ADMET New York, NY, USA 01-29-2007
postdoc in computational chemistry Mölndal, Sweden 05-31-2006
computational research scientist Cambridge, MA, USA 05-11-2005
computational postdoctoral fellow Notre Dame, IN, USA 04-15-2005
molecular modeler Weesp, The Netherlands 04-06-2005
system architect (several positions) New York, NY, USA 04-06-2005
computational biochemistry (several positions) New York, NY, USA 04-06-2005
Ph.D. scholarships (6) Tromso, Norway 03-17-2005
computational scientists New York, NY, USA 03-09-2005
senior biostatistician Montvale, NJ, USA 03-08-2005
senior software developer Cambridge, MA, USA 02-21-2005
senior biostatistician Banford, CT, USA 02-21-2005
application scientist Mannheim, Germany 07-20-2004
postdoctoral fellow, Johnson & Johnson PRD Exton, PA, USA 07-20-2004
postdoctoral fellow in Chemoinformatics Strasbourg, France 06-28-2004
Ph.D. and postdoctoral fellowships Ispra, Italy 06-10-2004
consultant and other positions South UK 06-02-2004
ADME modeler San Diego, CA, USA 05-14-2004
manager, cheminformatics and support Europe 05-12-2004
senior computational scientist San Diego, CA, USA 05-05-2004
postdoctoral associate in QSPR of food aroma compounds Dijon, France 04-21-2004
group leader/research fellow in computational chemistry Bradford, CT, USA 03-30-2004
molecular modeler New York, NY, USA 02-22-2004
application developer, computational drug discovery California, USA 01-20-2004
associate informatics research scientist California, USA 01-20-2004
in silico ADME Scientist Sandwich, Kent, UK 11-14-2003
head of computational chemistry Hopewell, NJ, USA 08-20-2003
senior drug discovery application scientist OR, CA, NY, USA 08-10-2003
chemi-informatician Bedford, UK 08-06-2003
computational chemists New York, NY, USA 07-07-2003
statistician for bioinformatics and chemometrics Basel, Switzerland 03-25-2003
postdoc in computational chemistry Reims, France 03-24-2003
software developer Guildford, UK 02-18-2003
director - Library Design/Compound Management Boston, MA, USA 02-05-2003
postdoc in QSAR and Molecular Modeling Sao Paulo, Brazil 01-10-2003
computational chemist/senior scientist Cambridge area, USA 01-06-2003
computational chemist Boston, MA, USA 09-17-2002
cheminformatics scientist Cambridge area, USA 07-20-2002
computational chemist Princeton, NJ, USA 05-21-2002
computational chemist Princeton, NJ, USA 05-21-2002
CADD group leader Cambridge, UK 05-21-2002
head of computational chemistry Cambridge, UK 04-03-2002
senior/principal CADD scientist in a pharmaceutical company North East, USA 03-29-2002
computational chemist in a Drug Discovery team North Carolina, USA 03-22-2002
chemistry manager in a biotechnology company   Toronto, Canada   03-21-2002
postdoctoral positions (2) in molecular modeling Tartu, Estonia 02-28-2002
cheminformatics/computational chemistry scientists (2)   Boston, MA, USA   02-18-2002  
senior cheminformatics scientist Cambridge, MA,USA   02-18-2002  
pre- and postdoctoral fellowships in chemometrics Ljubljana, Slovenia 02-18-2002  
associate/full professor position in Dept. Pharm. Sci.  San Francisco, CA, USA   02-05-2002
field application support engineer East Coast, USA 02-05-2002
discovery DMPK senior scientist/project leader  USA 01-20-2002
computational chemist/biologist, AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal, Sweden 12-17-2001
computational chemists (3) California, East Bay, USA   10-16-2001
postdoctoral position in cheminformatics, Merck Darmstadt, Germany  09-06-2001
QSAR people/computational chemists/modelers, Cyprotex Ltd.   Macclesfield, UK 07-06-2001
computational chemists, AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal, Sweden 04-17-2001
information scientist, Lhasa Ltd. Leeds, UK 03-01-2001
postdoctoral position, Institute of Molecular Pharmacology  Berlin, Germany 12-20-2000
GUI Software Lead Developer, Materials Studio Cambridge, UK 10-10-2000
computational chemist/software developer, Tripos St. Louis, MO, USA 07-27-2000
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