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bullet Accounts of Chemical Research
bullet Acta Crystallographica 
- C: Crystal Structure Communications
- D: Biological Crystallography
- E: Structure Reports
bullet Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
bullet Advances in Environmental Research
bullet Alternatives to Laboratory Animals
bullet American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs
bullet American Journal of Drug Delivery
bullet American Journal of Pharmacogenomics
bullet Angewandte Chemie
bullet Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials (0)
bullet Annual Reviews
bullet Anti-Cancer Drugs
bullet Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (6)
bullet Biochemical Journal
bullet Biochemical Pharmacology
bullet Biochemical Society Transactions
bullet Biochemistry
bullet Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
bullet Biodrugs
bullet Bioinformatics
bullet Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin (0)
bullet Biomacromolecules
bullet Biomaterials
bullet Biomolecular Engineering
bullet Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry
bullet Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters
bullet Biophysical Chemistry
bullet Biophysical Journal (6)
bullet Biopolymers
bullet BioSystems
bullet BMC Biochemistry (0)
bullet BMC Bioinformatics (0)
bullet BMC Cancer (0)
bullet BMC Cell Biology (0)
bullet BMC Chemical Biology (0)
bullet BMC Genomics (0)
bullet BMC Molecular Biology (0)
bullet BMC Medical Education (0)
bullet BMC Microbiology (0)
bullet BMC Neuroscience (0)
bullet BMC Pharmacology (0)
bullet BMC Structural Biology (0)
bullet Briefings in Bioinformatics
bullet Briefings in Functional Genomics and Proteomics
bullet British Journal of Pharmacology
bullet British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
bullet Cancer Research (24*)
bullet Cell
bullet Cell Growth and Differentiation (24*)
bullet ChemBioChem
bullet Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin (0)
bullet Chemical Biology & Drug Design
bullet Chemical Research in Toxicology
bullet Chemical Reviews
bullet Chemical Senses (24)
bullet Chemico-Biological Interactions
bullet Chemistry and Biodiversity (trial)
bullet Chemistry & Biology
bullet Chemistry - A European Journal
bullet Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems
bullet ChemPhysChem
bullet Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology
bullet Clinical Drug Investigation
bullet Clinical Pharmacokinetics
bullet CNS Drugs
bullet Colloids and Surfaces A
bullet Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
bullet Combinatorial Chemistry: An Online Journal
bullet Computational Biology and Chemistry
bullet Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems
bullet Crystal Growth & Design
bullet Current Cancer Drug Targets
bullet Current Drug Discovery
bullet Current Drug Metabolism
bullet Current Drug Targets
bullet Current Drug Targets
- Cardiovascular & Hematological Disorders
- Infectious Disorders
- Immune, Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders
bullet Current Gene Therapy
bullet Current Genomics
bullet Current Medicinal Chemistry
bullet Current Medicinal Chemistry
- Anticancer Agents
- Central Nervous System Agents
- Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolic Agents
bullet Current Molecular Medicine
bullet Current Opinion in
- Drug Discovery and Development
- Investigational Drugs
- Molecular Therapeutics
bullet Current Opinions Online
bullet Current Pharmaceutical Design
bullet Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
bullet Current Protein & Peptide Science
bullet Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
bullet Drug Data Report
bullet Drug Design Reviews Online
bullet Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
bullet Drug Development Research
bullet Drug Discovery and Development (%)
bullet Drug Discovery Today (%)
bullet Drug Discovery World (%)
bullet Drug Metabolism and Disposition (12)
bullet Drug Metabolism Reviews
bullet Drug News & Perspectives
bullet Drug Safety
bullet Drugs
bullet Drugs & Aging
bullet Drugs in R&D
bullet Drugs of the Future
bullet Drugs of Today 
bullet The EMBO Journal (12)
bullet Endocrine Reviews (12)
bullet Endocrinology (12)
bullet Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis
bullet Environmental Science and Technology
bullet Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
bullet European Journal of Biochemistry (12)
bullet European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
bullet European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
bullet European Journal of Organic Chemistry
bullet European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
bullet European Journal of Pharmaceutics & Biopharmaceutics
bullet European Journal of Pharmacology
bullet Expert Opinion on
- Biological Therapy

- Drug Delivery
- Drug Discovery
- Drug Metabolism and Toxicology
- Drug Safety
- Emerging Drugs
- Investigational Drugs

- Medical Diagnostics
- Pharmacotherapy

- Therapeutic Patents

- Therapeutic Targets
bullet The FASEB Journal (12)
bullet Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology
bullet Genes and Development (12)
bullet Genetics (3)
bullet Genome Biology (0)
bullet Genome Research (12)
bullet GeneScreen
bullet Genome Technology (%)
bullet IBM Journal of Research and Development
bullet IBM Systems Journal
bullet IDrugs
bullet IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
bullet Il Farmaco
bullet In Silico Biology (0)
bullet Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning (0)
bullet International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents
bullet International Journal of Computers and their Applications
bullet International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Chemotherapy
bullet International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
bullet International Journal of Molecular Sciences
bullet International Journal of Pharmaceutical Medicine
bullet International Journal of Pharmaceutics
bullet International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
bullet Internet Journal of Chemistry
bullet Investigational New Drugs
bullet Journal of the American Chemical Society
bullet Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (24)
bullet Journal of Bacteriology (6)
bullet Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods
bullet The Journal of Biochemistry (0)
bullet The Journal of Biological Chemistry (12*)
bullet Journal of Biological Physics
bullet Journal of Biology (0)
bullet Journal of Biomedical Materials Research
bullet Journal of Biomolecular NMR
bullet Journal of Biomolecular Screening
bullet Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
bullet Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics
bullet The Journal of Cell Biology (6)
bullet The Journal of Cell Science (12*)
bullet Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
bullet Journal of Chemical Education
bullet Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences
bullet The Journal of Chemical Physics
bullet Journal of Chemometrics
bullet Journal of Clinical Microbiology (6)
bullet Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry
bullet Journal of Computational Chemistry
bullet Journal of Computer-Aided Materials Design
bullet Journal of Computer-Aided Molecular Design
bullet Journal of Controlled Release
bullet Journal of Drug Targeting
bullet Journal of Experimental Biology (12*)
bullet The Journal of Experimental Medicine (18)
bullet Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology
bullet The Journal of General Physiology (18)
bullet Journal of General Virology (12)
bullet Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
bullet Journal of Lipid Research (24*)
bullet Journal of Mathematical Biology
bullet Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
bullet Journal of Membrane Biology
bullet Journal of Microencapsulation
bullet Journal of Molecular Biology
bullet Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
bullet Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling
bullet Journal of Molecular Modeling
bullet Journal of Molecular Neuroscience
bullet Journal of Molecular Structure
bullet Journal of Natural Products
bullet The Journal of Neuroscience (18)
bullet The Journal of Organic Chemistry
bullet Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
bullet Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (formerly ...and Biopharmaceutics)
bullet Journal of Pharmacological and Biomedical Analysis
bullet Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods
bullet The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (12)
bullet Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (0)
bullet Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
bullet Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data
bullet The Journal of Physical Chemistry
bullet The Journal of Physiology (12)
bullet Journal of Proteome Research
bullet Journal of Psychopharmacology
bullet Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics (0)
bullet Journal of Structural Biology
bullet Journal of Virology (6)
bullet Langmuir
bullet Learning & Memory (12)
bullet Lipids in Health and Disease (0)
bullet Macromolecules
bullet Mathematical Medicine and Biology
bullet Matrix Biology
bullet Medicinal Research Reviews
bullet Methods and Findings in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
bullet Microbiology (12)
bullet Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews (12)
bullet Molecular Pharmaceutics
bullet Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry
bullet Modern Drug Discovery
bullet Molecular and Cellular Biology (6)
bullet Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
bullet Molecular & Cellular Proteomics
bullet Molecular Biology of the Cell (2)
bullet Molecular Biology Online
bullet Molecular Cancer (0)
bullet Molecular Diversity
bullet Molecular Endocrinology (12)
bullet Molecular Imaging and Biology
bullet Molecular Membrane Biology
bullet Molecular Medicine
bullet Molecular Pharmaceutics
bullet Molecular Pharmacology (12)
bullet Molecular Physics
bullet Molecular Simulation
bullet Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology
bullet Nature
bullet Nature Biotechnology
bullet Nature Immunology
bullet Nature Medicine
bullet Nature Structural Biology
bullet Nature Reviews Drug Discovery
bullet Nature Reviews in Molecular and Cell Biology
bullet Network Science
bullet Neuropsychopharmacology
bullet Nucleic Acids Research (12)
bullet Pediatric Drugs
bullet Perspectives in Drug Discovery and Design
bullet Pharmaceutical Development and Technology
bullet Pharmaceutical Development and Regulations
bullet Pharmaceutical Research
bullet Pharmacogenomics
bullet The Pharmacogenomics Journal
bullet Pharmacological Research
bullet Pharmacological Reviews (12)
bullet Pharmacology Reviews and Communications
bullet Pharmacy and Pharmacology Communications
bullet PharmaGenomics (%)
bullet PharmSci (0)
bullet Physiological Genomics (12) 
bullet Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1)
bullet Protein Engineering
bullet Protein Science
bullet Proteins: Structure, Function and Genetics
bullet Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships
bullet QSAR and Combinatorial Science
bullet SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research
bullet Science (12?)
bullet Science News
bullet Scientific American
bullet Tetrahedron
bullet Tetrahedron Letters
bullet The Scientist
bullet Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry
bullet Toxicological Reviews
bullet Toxicology
bullet Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology
bullet Toxicology Letters
bullet Trends in Biochemical Sciences
bullet Trends in Pharmacological Sciences
bullet Xenobiotica 

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